International Arts Competitions

DSWF Global Canvas Arts and Poetry Competitions

The Global Canvas Schools’ Art Competition is a yearly event, an initiative aimed at stimulating the children in schools to take an active interest in the natural world and find ways to support and protect their fragile environment before it is too late. Peekok YouthARTS has been offering Nigerian students to participate since 2008. DSWF firmly believes that the future health of our planet and of all living things rests with today’s children.

If we can help develop, inspire and encourage an interest in the natural world, then we would have achieved our aim. We believe that it is vitally important to raise environmental awareness in children from an early age and it is our aim to bring conservation issues into schools and to individuals. We offer practical training on how schoolchildren and their teachers can help in our fight to save wildlife, the habitat and the local communities who depend on it.

Creative Connections

Our students will create art projects that reflect their life and culture, and exchange their work with a partner class in the US. Students then examine and enjoy the art from their partners, gaining new insights into their cultures. This program ends with a note of thank you sent to each other’s partner classes.

ArtLink Plus
This program is an expanded version of ArtLink, designed to be a unique inter-disciplinary study in art and social studies, requiring students to explore the connection between visual and cultural literacy in greater depth.

After creating and exchanging art with their partners, students share their insights with one another through thoughtful postings, dialogue, and sometimes live videoconferencing. This program will require a certain level of technology.

World Awareness Children’s Museum

ARTeX – Creating and Sharing Art from Schools throughout the World!

A program of the World Awareness Children’s Museum, the International Youth Art Exchange (ARTex) has shared international children’s art with American children and vice versa, allowing students around the globe the opportunity to communicate through the universal language of art. The exchange provides a unique view of cultural life as seen through the art and eyes of children from around the world.

Arts Cultural Educational Tours

From four-day weekends to several weeks overseas, these trips provide you with unique and enriching travel experiences without having to do any of the planning or deal with typical travel hassles along the way. We schedule plenty of free time for you to shop, rest, or pursue your own interests.

Explore breathtaking scenery and landmarks, get behind-the-scenes insight from experienced guides and attend world-class performances. Our educational cultural tours focus on performing arts, theatre, visual arts, history, and/or archaeology.